Trolley_2487-1.JPGValerie Martin: Val helped create the tours as we know them today, being a part of the trolley family for 25 years. Her father also drove the trolleys, and they made quite a team. Val also drives a school bus.

  Debi Smith: Deb has driver trolleys for 4 years,  and also serves as a pastors wife. She stays busy! Deb is  a lot of fun and always brings a smile to those around her.                             


 Lloyd Rogers: You'll want to take him home with you! He's such a nice man and he'll keep you intrigued with his knowledge of Cheyenne.

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Jerry Hargrave: Driving the trolley since 2009. When Jerry's not driving trolley or wreckers, he’s busy overseeing the trolley maintenance program. Jerry's passengers will  enjoy his wit.


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 Darryl Smith: He is a pastor and blesses us with his experienced speaking abilities as our trolley guide.


          Tricia.jpg                    TriciRenzo, Driving trolleys since 2014, our spunky & fun Tricia drives school bus and the trolleys.





Laureen Bradshaw: Although the trolleys aren't always Laureen's 1st choice for transportation she loves driving them. 

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Brenda Badgley: Our newest recruit has been driving for many years and actually trained some of these other drivers years ago. 


 Donna Fierro: She'll bless you with her great smile and laugh as she shares her latest joke. 

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Ken Baker: also does mountain man reenactments and loves to share his knowledge of the wild west

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